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1. Hoot
Carl Hiaasen
Roy moves from Montana to Florida, and on the bus he sees a kid running without shoes.Roy finds the kid (who calls himself mullet fingers because he can catch a mullet with his
fingers) and mullet fingers tries to stop a pancake house from being built on the area were the burrowing owls are. In the end they [[#|[[#|win]]]] because the owls are endangered and they are protected by the law, and Roy gets his whole class to come and protest at the groundbreaking ceromony.
2. The Candy Makers
Wendy Mass
(it has 4 different sections for the different pionts of view so I'm just going to do Logan's) Logan is the candy makers son and [[#|that]] means his dad won the inventing the best candy
[[#|contest]] and so did his grandpa, and he's nervous because he doesn't think he can win. He lives in the factory and it will be helping 3 other contestants learn more about making
candy and so thay can make thier entery. The 3 contestants come and they are Daisy, Phillip, and Miles; thay all make an entery and catch eachother trying to use the seceret
ingredient and they decide to all make 1 entry so they all can win for different reasons.
3. Inkheart
Cornelia Funke
When Meggie's dad reads he makes items and beings come out of the book and had made her mother go in the book ,called Inkheart, but Meg doesn't remember because she was
very young. Her dad takes her to her great aunts house from there they go to capricorns [[#|village]], who he let out of the book, to get Inkheart so he can read Meg's mother out of the
book, but Capricorn catches them and makes Megg's dad read him [[#|money and gold]] out of books. Then, after they relize thier mother had ben read out by someone else,
Capricorn plans to make Meg raed out The [[#|Shadow]] to kill them but she reads him out to kill Capricorn, and then Meg, her father and her mother go back to live with her great aunt.
4. TheTale of Despereaux
Kate Dicamillo
A mouse is born and he has very large ears and is extremly small; his name isDespereax, and when he gets older he doesn't act like a normal mouse and listens to [[#|music at]] the foot
of a human king and talks to the Princess Pea. His brother sees him and tells the concil of mice and they decide to send him to the dungen and he goes down but then gets back out
to learn [[#|that]] the princess has been taken into the dungen by the rats and Meg the maid. Then Despereaux goes back down to save Pea, and the rat and Meg decide to be good.
5. The [[#|Girl]] Who Could Fly
Victoria Forester
A girl named Piper floated when she was little but never imagined [[#|that]] she would actually fly at a baseball game, and all of the sudden a person named Dr.Hellion comes knocking
on the door saying [[#|that]] she wants to take Piper to an istitute for "gifted" children. When Piper gets there she likes it, but then the goes to rescue her nacklace and sees that they are taking animals and plants and torturing them in the process of making them normal. When shes gets back Conrad tells her that they are trying to make them normal too by putting chemicals in their food and forceing them to not use their abilitys, and in the end all the kids rebel and take over the place by turing it into a safe place to help odd creatures.
6. Bud, Not Buddy
Christopher Paul Churtis
Bud escapes from his foster home, during the great [[#|depression]], and goes on ''the lamb'' to try and find his father Herman E. Calloway in Grand Rapids, and would be leaving flint. On his walk there, a [[#|man]] stops him and helps him by driving him to Grand Rapids because Bud lies and says he ran away from his father in Grand Rapids. When he gets there Herman is really old and mean, but thats doesn't stop Bud he keeps trying to convince his father that he is his sun, but it turns out that Bud is Herman's grandson.
7.Number the Stars
Louis Lowry
When the German Nazis shut down a Jewish shop, the Johansens get worried about the Rosens, and hide Ellen's parents somewere safe, as well as hiding Ellen the night the Nazis
come looking. Then Annemarie, Kirsti, Ellen , and Mrs.Johansen all go to Uncle Henrik's house , were they have a fake funruel to safly get Jewish people to Sweden from Denver,
including the Rosens. On their way to Uncle Henrik's boat, they drop the cloth that keeps the German dogs from finding them, so Annemarie gives the cloth to Uncle Henrik and they make it to Sweden safely.
8.The Wednesday Wars
Gary D. Schmit
When all of Holling's friends move away, he is the only one left on Wednesday while everyone else goes to church. Mrs.Baker hates Holling's guts, and she makes him do Shakspear, witch he ends up enjoying, and performing as Ariel the fairy. Then almost everything goes wrong, with the play, a baseball signing, creampuffs, but camping goes well.
9.The Mysterious Guest House
Ken Munro
Brian pretends to be Brian Ramsey, and his friend Sammy comes with him to a hotel were items are being apprased because someone a ruby brooch from Peggy Pepplers Grandfather. Peggy invites all of the suspects to the house because they would probaly want ruby brooch apprased. All of the clues piont to the real Brian Ramsey, but he doesn't confess, so Brian and Sammy come up with a mastermind plan to make him confess.
10. The Westing Game
Ellen Raskin
In Sam Westing's will, he says that someone in this room (the room of all of his hiers) murded him, and the heir who proves who killed him is the winner of The Westing Game, and they get his 2 million dollars. As the game is being played, many things happen, such as bombings that scare Angela's perfectly beautiful face, succesful track meets, robberies, and many more. In the end it turns out that there naver really was a Sam Westing, that Sam Westing didn't die, he was Sandy McSouthers, that Sandy dies, but just goes to being Mr. Eastman, and that T.A. Wexler wins the game, by finding Mr. Eastman.

11. Wringer
Jerry Spinelli
Every year in Palmer's town they have an annual pigeon day were people from all over come to shoot 5,000 pigeons from crates, and if the shooter doesn't kill the lpigeon, a 10 yaer old wringer must wring it's neck. Palmer has dreaded the day thta he he would become a wringer for yaers, he doesn't understand why they shoot the pigeons, and his friends Beans, Motto, and Henry all really want to be wringers. Palmer ends up getting a pigeon of his own who flys to his window evey day, he only shares his pigeon with Dorothy, but when palmer decides that his town isn'n safe enough for Nipper, he askes Dorothy to take Nipper away when she goes to the beach, but she lets Nipper out on thr rail road tracks, which is were they capture the pigeons for pigeon day.
12.Dovey Coe
Frances O'roak Dowell
Parnell Caroway wants to marry Dovey's older sister Caroline, b ut she is going away to college, so on Carolines going away party Parnell proposes to her, and Caroline humiliates him in front of the whole town. When Caroline goes of to college, Dovey goes to Parnell's store to get her dog that ran away, but when she goes into the store Parnell tries to bash her dog Huck on the head, so Dovey gets her pocket knife and goes at him, and when Dovey gets up Parnell and Huck are dead. Dovey has to go to court because everyone thinks she killed Parnell, and she gets stuck with an attorneywho hasen't ever been in court before, and in the end they relize that she coun't have killed Parnell beacause he was killed by a soda dispenser that hit his head, which would have been way too heavy gor Dovey to lift, but the person who actually killed Parnell was her deaf brother Amos.
13.Stepping on the Cracks
Mary Downing Hahn
Elizabeth and Margaret are best friends who both have brothers fighting in World War II, and there is a bullie named Gordy who is supposed to have two brothers fighting in the war , but Gordy's one brother Stuart is a desserter. Elizabeth and Margaret find this out when they are in the woods, and discover Gordy's hut were they find Stuart, but then Stuart gets sick, so Elizabeth and Margaret decide to help him , but then he gets too sick, so they have to take him to a hospital with their neighbor Barbara. When Stuart gets back from the hospital, he goes back to his house and his father beats him up, so his father goes to jail, an the rest of the family goes to live with their aunt in South Carolina, but Stuart stays and gets engaged with Barbara.
14.The Indian Bones' Revenge
Ken Munro
Shortly after Brian moves to California, he comes back to Lancaser because there was a robbing incident, and when he gets back home, two construction workers dig up indian bones, but claim not to have in fear that the athorities will close down construction, so Brian and Sammy decide to find out more about the Indian bones when one of the construction workers is found beaten up by two thugs. The furthur Brian and Sammy get in the case, the more it seems like it is never ending because they get pictures of the bones and see smeared numbers on them, there seems to be some sort of blackmailing going on, and when Brian is found on the same street as the construcion worker was found when he got ubducted. In the end, the construction worker's ex-wife had put the bones there the night before so that they would dig up the bones the next day, and she was also the blackmailer because she wanted some extra money.
Jerry Spinelli
Donald Zinkoff has a hard time achieving succes at everything, but never fails to succed at being a great person, but Zinkoff's okwardness makes him different than all of the other kids. No one notices how odd Zinkoff is untill 5th grade when he makes a fool of himself at field day, but those people might just change their minds when a little girl is lost and Zinkoff looks for her all night. When the girl gets lost, Zinkoff goes out in the snow to find her, he searches and searches, but the girl was only lost for a couple of minutes, but Zinkoff didn't know that, so he kept searching and searching untill someone finds him and brings him home, and when a kid relizes that Zinkoff might not be "cool', he has a great personality, so Zinkoff finally gets picked for a team.
16. I Am Not Joey Pigza
Jack Gantos
Joey Pigza's dad comes back from living in Pitsburg after he won the lottery, and he wants the family to start off witha fresh start, so the new family name is Heinz and Joey is now Freddy, but he doesn't want to change his name or forgive his dad for leaving, and his parents get a wedding renewal. His dad buys the family a house and a resturant, and Joey's mom is going to have a baby, and at Christmas, Joey decides to accept his new name as wella s forgive his dad, but shortly after Christmas the family starts to run out of money, and Charles Heinz is playing the lottery too much without winning. When the baby is about toi be born, Charles uses the last bit of their money to get plastic surgery and runs away after the baby is born because thay don't have any money left thanks to him buying a ton of stuff and playing the lottery.
17. Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key
Jack Gantos
Joey has some issues with concentrating, so one day he is practicing swallow his key with a string tied to the end of it, but his teacher cuts the string so he won't do that anymore, but Joey forgets and swallows the key. Then he cuts off Maria's nose by accident with siccors, so he has to go to the special ed room for a little while to help him concentrate and make sure that he doesn't hurt any other children. Joey gets prescribed to med patches (like baindades) and he aslo gets counciling, and then he works really hard and goes back to school with his friends, and since he did so good, his mom got him a Chuhawah named Pablo Pagza, P.P. for short.
18.The Diary of Anne Frank
Anne Frank
It is 1942 and World War II is heating up in every corner of the world, especially in Germany were Anne Frank and th rest of her family have to go into hiding because they are Jewish, but they are not the only people hiding in the Seceret Annexe, the Van Daans and Dussel are also in hiding with them. Anne recieves a diary, whom she calls Kity, and documents her life in the Seceret Annexe, she tells of the food they eat, the quirells, and the time she spends with Peter in the attick, she also spills out all of her feelings and troubles to Kitty. Eventually, the Seceret Annexe is found by the Gestapo and Mr.Frank is seperated from his family when they are sent camps were people are gassed everyday, but Anne, Margot, and Mrs.Van Daan stay alive a litter longer Mrs. Frank, but soon die of hunger or exhausten, luckily, Mr.Frank survives and puts Anne's diary out in public a few years after the war.
19.Jake and Lilly
Jerry Spinelli
Jake and Lilly are twins with a sort of mind thing that they call gumboo were they can sese eachother's feeling and presece, example;illy once gotbruise, but Jake felt it, and once Jake's foot got stuck, but Lilly yelled "Help I'm stuck." This kind of stuff is average for Jake and Lilly, you will ALWAYS find them together, but one summer Jake starts hanging out with Bump Stubbins and two other guys ... Lily can not stan Bumb, so she doesn't want to hang with them but she does'n have a Lilly life only Jake and Lilly life, plus Jake is now obssesed with gobbers(odd people) and finds a great gobber who is building a fort. Eventually, Lily does find a friend, Sydney, and Jake makes friends with the gobber and relizes that Bump is a jerk and the twin power, gumboo, gets fixed.
Jerry Spinelli
It is the first day of highschool for Leo and his best friend Kevin, and all of the stidents at Mica High are fluster by this odd, almost hippie, girl how calls herself Stargirl.Every day Stargirl sets up her desk by putting a flower and table cloth down for decoration, she cheers for the opposing team at games, she serenades students when it is their birthday, and she dresses like no other girl at Mica High. At first, no one likes her, then she turns into the most popular person at school, then when the basketball team starts to lose, they blame it on Stargirl's cheering, so she becomes the girl that almost all of Mica High is shunning. In the end, Stargirl ends up just disarearing without a trail...
21.Where the Red Fern Grows
Wilson Rawls

Billy lives in the mountains with his mother, his father, and his sisters. Billy really wants two hunting dogs, but nobody in his family can pay for them, so Billy has to work extremely hard for 2 years until he had saved up enough money to buy his hunting hounds.Then Billy had to walk about twenty miles to go pick up his hounds in the town, but it was well worth it because his hounds turned into some of the best coon hunters in the Ozarks. Billy then enters a competition for coon hunting, with his dogs. Little Ann gets first place at a beauty contest, but both Old Dan and Little Ann win first place for the coon hunting part of the contest. Eventually, both dogs die, but where they were burried, a sacred red fern grew.
22.Gifted Hands
Gregg Lewis & Shaw Lewis
When Ben Carson was young, his family didn't have very much money and he was considered dumb at his school, so his mom made him read more and watch TV less, so that made Ben increasingly intelligent. Carson then goes to Yale University to become a pediatric neurosurgeon to fix seizures and numerous Siamese twins. Ben now travels all over giving speeches to all different ages of people that describe his life as a surgeon.
23.Seer of Shadows
Horace is the apprentice of a photographer Mr. Middleditch who is asked to take a picture of Mrs. Von match, a great lady who has a dead daughter. Mrs. Von match claims that Eleanora has died of a disease. When Mr. Middleditch takes the photograph, he decides to make it look as though Eleanora is in the back round of the picture. Horace takes the picture of Eleanora and ends up being a seer of shadows because he can take pictures of dead people and they will come back as a ghost. Eleanora's ghost wants to kill the Von matchs, and she does kill Mrs. Von match after Mrs. Von match killed her husband. Horace and Pegg vanish Eleanora and grow up to get married and have a kid of their own who they decide to name Eleanora.
24.The Witches
Roald Dahl
A boy has a grandmother who tells him all about witches and how they are real and that there is a Grand High Witch who is the leader of them all. The boy is at a hotel with his grandmother when he goes into a room and gets looked in there. The room is the exact location of the annual conference that all of the witches in the area attend to. In the conference they talk about how they will turn all of the children into mice. Then the witches discover the boy and turn him into a mouse, but he escapes. Then the boy and his grandmother turn all of those witches into mice and go on to turn all of the other witches into mice.